The digitalization of the HVAC industry has also gained importance in the other European countries. This means that there is an increasing demand for quality-controlled product data on the basis of country-specific standards.

ARGE Produktdaten international - SYNOMAX

SYNOMAX.COM is the international portal platform of the ARGE members. From this website, foreign dealers, craftsmen and contractors can download product master data in the required format, free of charge.

SYNOMAX for manufacturers

Manufacturers use the international portal platform of the ARGE primarily for the following reasons:

  • The increasing demands of foreign markets require centralized access to good product master data.
  • Single-source data distribution control reduces efforts and error rates in data provision and -distribution.
  • The ARGE takes care of the country-specific data conversion. Delivery is based on the HVAC industry portal that has been providing know-how in product data management since being established in Germany in 2001.
  • Cost optimization is guaranteed by choosing a harmonized industry system over a plethora of separate solutions.


  • 6 European countries are already being served by SYNOMAX (Belgium, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic).
  • More countries will join in 2019.
  • 25 ARGE members supply SYNOMAX with product master data.
  • Approx. 300 foreign dealers use SYNOMAX regularly, as do a lot of other market partners.

Working Group Internationalization

The ARGE Working Group Internationalization concerns itself with the further development and optimization of SYNOMAX. It keeps an eye on country-specific requirements and standards and integrates them. Current requirements such as ETIM and BIM as well as amendments and updates of European directives feed directly into the work done by the experts from the ARGE member companies.