About us

The ARGE Neue Medien is an alliance of more than 100 brand manufacturers from the HVAC industry. For its member companies, it organizes the quality management of product data as well as the standardization of data standards and formats.

The most important instrument for data distribution is the HVAC industry portal – since 2002 the central data platform for the HVAC industry.

ARGE Building digital competence - brand association in Paderborn - Klingenderstrasse
ARGE - Competence for digital HVAC topics

HVAC industry portal

On https://de.building-masterdata.com the specialist trade and specialist craftsmen find product data and documents issued by the manufacturers.

In addition, the ARGE operates www.building-masterdata.com, an international platform for HVAC product data.

30 years of experience

The ARGE has more than 30 years of experience in the field of digital industry processes and considers itself as

  • A know-how carrier in product data management
  • An industrial representative for data requests from the trade and crafts
  • An expert in the development and establishment of standards
  • A coordinator of optimized electronic order processes

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