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Articles of Association

Data Quality Management


EMDG - European Master Data Guideline - HVAC-Industry
EMDG basic
EMDG basic - HVAC-Industry

Data Quality Guideline

DQR national, Version 5.1, English
DQR national, Version 5.1, English incl. attachments
DQG international, Version 2.0, English, incl. attachments
Data Qquality Guideline international, Version 2.0, English, incl. attachements


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ARGE ETIM-Viewer 7


In the HVAC industry, messages between industry and trade are exchanged in the EDITEC format. EDITEC is a subset of the EANCOM standard.

EDITEC Guidelines, Version 4.1 (valid since November 2019)

Orders: ORDERS 4.1
Orders: ORDERS 4.1
Orders Response: ORDRSP 4.1
Despatch Advice: DESADV 4.1
Invoice: INVOIC 4.1
Remittance Advice: REMADV 4.1
Inventory Report: INVRPT 4.1
Sales Report: SLSRPT 4.1

EDITEC Guidelines, Version 4.0

Orders: ORDERS 4.0
Orders: ORDERS 4.0
Orders Response: ORDRSP 4.0
Despatch Advice: DESADV 4.0
Invoice: INVOIC 4.0
Remittance Advice: REMADV 4.0
Inventory Report: INVRPT 4.0

EDITEC Guidelines, Version 3.5

Orders: ORDERS 3.5
Orders Response: ORDRSP 3.5
Despatch Advice: DESADV 3.5
Invoice: INVOIC 3.5
Remittance Advice: REMADV 3.5
Inventory Report: INVRPT 3.5
Announcement for returns: RETANN 3.5
Instructions for returns: RETINS 3.5
Sales Report: SLSRPT 3.5


“Computerized bathroom planning” service description
Computerized bathroom planning service description
“BIM” service description
BIM service description
“Marketing Service” service description
Marketing Service service description
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