IT solutions

SHK Connect

Informing, researching, updating, offering, ordering or invoicing online: HVAC companies can nowadays deal with virtually all day-to-day business occurrences, thanks to state-of-the-art craftsmen software – provided that the interfaces and cross-linking with the suppliers’ systems are right. More than 70 software houses already have the interface to the independent SHK Connect directory service, by means of which product data can be updated with one click. SHK-Connect was developed by the ARGE Neue Medien in cooperation with the wholesalers and searches the product ranges of the ARGE members available on the HVAC industry portal, recognizes changes and imports them automatically. Many wholesalers and more than 100 industrial companies have access and update their product data, which are important for the cooperation with the craftsmen, on a daily basis.

ETIM Viewer

Professional master data management is a decisive factor in corporate success – also in the HVAC industry. Classification plays an important role in this context. It serves to process and structure product data digitally in a standardized way. Duplicates are cleansed, and articles are described practically consistently.

The ETIM Viewer provided by the ARGE is a free tool that displays the relevant article groups, classes and characteristics. ARGE members can refer to for an information- and communication platform regarding classification with ETIM.

SHK Mail

SHK Mail is the closed mailing system of the HVAC industry. It was developed by the ARGE Neue Medien in cooperation with the DGH wholesale association, the IT consulting company ITEK, and the telecommunications partner BREKOM, and serves for the exchange of EDI messages via Internet. The SHK Mail communication system makes exchanging messages very easy. The email accounts are managed via web access. Integrations in virtually all EDI modules of ERP and MIS have been realized using off-the-shelf technology. It is a safe solution because data are transmitted via a server that requires user authentication. And: SHK Mail is particularly inexpensive and volume-independent. For more information please go to

EDITEC verification tool

The EDITEC verification tool is a validation tool for the implementation of new subsets in the organization or with business partners. Instead of investing a lot of time in the verification of the implemented subsets or making them available to a business partner for verification, you can use the free EDITEC verification tool. It facilitates the verification process and provides a detailed error log.

The syntax of the following subsets can be checked using the EDITEC verification tool: ORDERS 3.5 and 4.0, ORDRSP 3.5 and 4.0, DESADV 3.5 and 4.0, INVOIC 3.5 and 4.0. The EDITEC verification tool can be used after a one-off registration on