HVAC industry portal

Article data, image data, planning data, company- and product information – this is what the ARGE manufacturers make available to their market partners from the trade and crafts as a free service through the HVAC industry portal. The advantage for the users: they will find product data from more than 100 industry companies on a single platform.

Registration is simple, and the way to the downloads is standardized and intuitive. In addition, the platform is completely free of advertising.

Service and support

The HVAC industry portal is no anonymous data platform. The offer is backed by the team of the ARGE Neue Medien that provides the users with competent assistance and extensive support.

Data distribution

But that’s not all the HVAC industry portal can do. Not only is it an important address for direct product data downloads by HVAC professionals, as a “data base and data pool” it also provides many other systems, applications and programs with these data.

Leading platform for the HVAC industry

With the HVAC industry portal, the ARGE operates the largest platform for the processing of business transactions between the industry and the wholesale trade and offers an important information and communication interface for all market partners.

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