ARGE Building digital competence

30 years of experience in optimizing electronic processes across all sales levels.

Die ARGE wächst weiter - Neues Mitglied spanischer Badmöbelhersteller Fiora

ARGE is constantly growing

ARGE has been able to attract Fiora, the Spanish bathroom furnishing manufacturer, as yet another new member. We are also glad that ten of the twelve supporting members have decided to switch to full membership.…

New Data Quality Guideline 6.0

The new Data Quality Guideline contents have been adopted by ARGE, BVBS, DG Haustechnik and ZVSHK. The new DQR 6.0 will be valid from April 1, 2020 and will be mandatory from October 1, 2020.…

ARGE Building digital competence – your competent partner for digital processes

Building digital competence

ARGE Neue Medien - your competent partner for digital processes Product data quality management, data service and standardisation: ARGE has more than 30 years of experience with regard to business process optimization in the HVAC…



„Nah am Mitglied und Marktpartner“-Konzept greift

Frankfurt/Paderborn, ARGE-PR – „Das Top-Thema der ARGE lautet weiterhin‚ Datenqualitätsmanagement im Full Service‘ und das sowohl für unsere Mitglieder als auch für die Marktpartner.“ Mit diesem Satz beschrieb Konrad Werning anlässlich der „ISH 2019“ …


Frischer Look für die ARGE

Paderborn, ARGE-PR – Nach der strategischen Neuaufstellung verpasst sich die ARGE jetzt auch einen adäquaten optischen Markenauftritt. „Mit dem neuen starken Logo, einem modernen Coporate Design sowie dem Update der Homepage haben wir unser Gesicht zeitgemäß …


Keep your eye on the BIM ball in the medium term

If you ask experts, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is about to revolutionize the entire building industry. This means that also the HVAC segment ought to prepare for the changes in the way buildings and their technological equipment are planned and built. Therefore, the motto for all industry stakeholders is to keep your eye on the BIM ball in the medium term. …


Data quality is no coincidence

Successful data quality management is not limited to the implementation of new columns or the definition of codes. On the contrary: it plays an active part in the future-oriented alignment of the HVAC industry. For applications to run smoothly, data need to be correct at all times. At the same time, the volume to be processed is growing, and the frequency of updates is increasing. The consequence: …