About the BMDG 2.1

  • The international data quality guideline BMDG (Building Master Data Guideline) is currently valid in version 2.1. Compared to previous versions, BMDG 2.1 contains adjustments to the data model and the descriptive texts. These serve to improve uniform and clear assignments and minimize errors. The previous versions were already replaced on 01.06.2023.

    The BMDG provides manufacturers with a powerful tool for international data supply. In recent years, BMDG has established itself as the standard for the professional exchange of master data between industry and international trade. More and more retailers are using this service.

    The content is based on suggestions from the field as well as impulses from international cooperations, such as the one with IdroLAB Italy.

    Do you have questions about BMDG 2.1? Then give us a call or send an email to info@arge.de

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