Vertragsunterzeichnung Kooperation ARGE / Telematel

Cooperation with Spanish TELEMATEL

When it comes to preparing and providing data, digital networking with established product data platforms in the various countries plays an important role for manufacturers. Therefore, the ARGE is working on strong cooperations in Europe. After the successful start of the cooperation with IdroLAB in Italy, a cooperation agreement has now been concluded with the Spanish company TELEMATEL.

TELEMATEL is an IT solution provider for manufacturers, wholesalers and installers and specializes in content and digitization solutions for building materials companies. Together both partners will promote and facilitate the distribution of high-quality article master data. The platforms and GO!Catalog form the central basis of all activities. The data exchange is based on the BMDG. The BMDG enables manufacturers to provide the data content as required by the market partners. ARGE members with catalogs in BMDG format can now send them to TELEMATEL in order to publish the information via GO!Catalog. More than 500 Spanish wholesalers are already connected to the system.

Cooperation with TELEMATEL also includes joint marketing and communication initiatives, as well as events and web seminars.

For TELEMATEL CPO Helena Grau, just like for the consortium, the focus of the cooperation is on product data quality: “In our digital database with more than 6 million products, we keep a large number of enriched information and content management services. We take care of PIM implementation projects and content syndication. In other words, in the digital world, information is the product for us. The BMDG standard and the cooperation with the ARGE and its members are an important building block.”

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