BIM for the HVAC industry

The ARGE aims to prepare the HVAC industry optimally for the BIM requirements in view of the creation, verification, administration and distribution of data. To this end, the ARGE as a neutral body takes care of building up a network for the HVAC industry and of market observation, in particular with regard to the development of BIM contents and the range of services offered by BIM service providers. In addition, the ARGE takes care of the BIM-related coordination within the HVAC industry with the market partners. The Board, the Working Group BIM, the Expert Committee and a Strategy Circle that operates across all distribution levels are involved in all activities.

Working Group BIM

The Working Group BIM of the ARGE has set itself the task of developing a binding BIM strategy for the ARGE members. The primary objective is building up a BIM portal for distributing BIM-ready data to TGA programs and CAD systems for planners and architects. Moreover, the Working Group takes care of the work on guidelines in order to create standards for the data exchange of BIM-ready data. At present, representatives of the following ARGE members are constituting the Working Group: Bosch, Geberit, hansgrohe, HEWI, Kaldewei, Kampmann, Kermi, KSB, Oventrop, Reflex, TECE, and Vaillant.

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