Bathroom planning

Bathroom planning data

Data for bathroom planning can only be obtained from the ARGE. This is where they are collected, verified and distributed to specialist craftsmen and planners via the HVAC industry portal. Users of planning software can download these data free of charge. Currently, more than 40 brand manufacturers are making bathroom planning data available to more than 12,000 craftsmen, wholesalers, planners and architects.

ARGE Bathroom planning

The focus in bathroom planning is on creating new incentives for customer acquisition, both from the group of specialist craftsmen and planners and from among the end consumers.

Planning software

In the field of planning software, the ARGE operates with eight professional software houses. They develop customized solutions for the display of bathroom planning data. The basis for the collaborative work is an XML data model.

Working Group Planning Software

The potential of bathroom planning is far from being exhausted. The ARGE Working Group Planning Software occupies itself with all planning-related topics, e.g. the important link between design-oriented and technical planning on the one side and commercial processes on the other side, but also with marketing issues. It takes care of the analysis, monitoring, development, implementation, and improvement of processes in the field of visual bathroom planning. This includes both data preparation processes and data distribution. At present, it consists of representatives of the brand manufacturers EMCO, HEWI, JUDO, KERMI, and STS..

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